Defogging 101: How to Keep Your Goggles Crystal Clear

How to Anti-Fog Your Goggles

Fogging up goggles can occur when you are skiing, swimming, or any other activity that exposes your face to the elements. Goggles that fog up not only ruin your outdoor experience but if you are skiing or snowboarding, it can also put your safety at risk.

Goggles fogging up is both annoying and dangerous. Goggle lenses essentially work like a window; when you breathe, the humidity in your exhalation condenses on the cold lens. Foggy goggles can interfere with your vision and can also impair your sense of direction making your activity more risky.

The good news is that there are commercial solutions to help keep your goggles free of fog. The most popular and effective solutions are anti-fog spray and cloths specially designed for goggles. Anti-fog spray creates a thin layer on the lenses that prevents fogging. The cloths are designed to clean and coat the lenses.

  • Anti-Fog Spray:

    • Easy to use
    • Creates a thin layer on lenses that prevents fogging
    • Water-soluble formula

  • Anti-Fog Cloths:

    • Easy to apply
    • Cleans and coats the lenses
    • Reusable and durable

Anti-fog SprayInexpensive, easy to apply, water-soluble formulaNeeds to be reapplied often
Anti-fog ClothsEasy to use and reusableCostly and may leave residue on your lenses

If you prefer not to use commercial anti-fog solutions, then you can use simple DIY solutions. The most popular homemade solution is to apply a mixture of liquid dish soap and water to the lenses. This will form a thin film that helps to prevent fogging.

  • Easy to make
  • Effective at preventing fogging
  • Inexpensive solution

DIY SolutionsInexpensive, easy to makeNeeds to be reapplied often

Proper maintenance and care of your goggles is essential if you want to keep them fog free. Make sure to wipe the lenses with a soft cloth or tissue after each use and check for debris and dirt. You should also apply a thin coat of anti-fog solution to the lenses after each use. Lastly, make sure to store your goggles in a cool and dry place to avoid any damage to the lenses.

Many manufacturers of goggles are now incorporating design features and advanced anti-fog technologies into their products. These features can include double lenses with a layer of air between them, air-vents from the nose of the goggles to the top of the lens, and foam frames to help stop the fogging.

  • Double lenses with air between them
  • Air vents from the nose to the top of the lens
  • Foam frames to help stop the fogging

Double lensesProvides a layer of air that helps prevent foggingLimited field of view in comparison to single lens goggles
Air ventsIncreases the airflow through the lens which helps to reduce foggingMore expensive than traditional goggles
Foam framesHelps to reduce moisture build up on the lensesCan be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time

When it comes to selecting goggles, it is important to do your research and read reviews. Look at what other users have to say and ensure that the goggles you select have the features and technology that you need. Don't forget to compare prices and check ratings and endorsements from organizations such as TUV Rheinland and Intertek.

When using goggles for activities such as skiing or snowboarding, it is important to ensure that your safety is a priority. Always check the goggles before you go out and make sure that there are no scratches or damage. The lenses should be clean and free of debris. Make sure to wear the proper sized goggles and if necessary, stay away from lower end goggles as they can sometimes impair your vision.

Fogging up goggles can be both annoying and dangerous. Commercial anti-fog solutions such as anti-fog spray and cloths are popular and effective, but there are also simple and inexpensive DIY solutions. Proper maintenance and care of your goggles is essential and certain design features and advanced anti-fog technologies can help keep your goggles fog-free. When selecting goggles, it is important to do your research and read reviews and ensure that they are a proper fit and won't impair your vision.